Awaiting my interview with ABC Riverina about a career change and training with TAFE NSW before launching my business The Organiser & More

I was interviewed by ABC Riverina Radio this morning (the image is of me – slightly nervously – awaiting the interview to start!).  Here is the link to the Interview – I come on at the 2h47m42s mark. It was a feature on how after I was made redundant from my long term public sector career in 2018, I […]

My Top Tip to Deal with Email Overwhelm

EMAIL OVERWHELM Today I’m going to share my number one, all time, absolute favourite top tip for dealing with Email Overwhelm. You know what I mean – your inbox is overflowing like the proverbial toilet, you have no control over your emails and it’s chockablock full of unnecessary newsletters and other bits that you really […]

Organise Your Week

Hands up if the working week tends to have you in a fluster! I find there are a couple of simple organising steps that can be done of a Sunday evening, to help take out some of the stress for kicking back into a working week. CALENDAR CHECK Take a bit of time before you […]

You Do You!

I absolutely LOVE the sentiment in this image for this post that I saw on @thehappyslothclub instagram – and it is so very true. I think it’s human nature for people compare themselves to where they are at in their own journey to where others are, and can be down on themselves (or even down on others) […]

6 Simple Admin Hacks

Completing admin tasks can be a pain at the best of times, especially when technology trickery can make life difficult. So I thought I would run through a few great admin hacks that can help save time and streamline your admin tasks! Bulk sort your Email. I’ve shared a full post on how to do […]

Tips For Teenagers Applying For Jobs

I’ve had a number of clients recently that are teenagers still in school, looking to get their resume completed and lodging job applications. I know that applying for jobs when you are a teenager can be very daunting, but there are some common points that can really help to make a good first impression with […]

I HATE Doing Admin!

Owning a small business can be the most awesome experience, allowing people with passion to work in a field that they absolutely love. Be it as a retailer, restauranteur, service provider, creator, grower or whatever area – you hopefully are running a business you have a great connection with! But do you know what absolutely […]

Covid Clean-Up – Office Edition!

We look to be starting to see some light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel here in Australia, with a dramatic drop in cases which is amazing – largely due to the big “stay at home” compliance people have followed. So given that we still won’t have any major social activities likely in the […]

Control That Email!

Today’s organising tip was a request from facebook follower Kerri, asking for help on how to get on top of the email inbox. If your inbox has hundreds (or even thousands) of emails there, don’t despair, there is a way to get it all organised by following these few simple steps. Below is how I […]

Organising Remote Learning For Your Kids During The Covid19 Pandemic

The last few weeks have seen the most massive change to education in Australia (possibly ever) with almost all school students transitioning over to an online learning model to complete their schooling remotely – and how long this will keep going for is an unknown – will it be weeks or months? Just a small […]