My Top Tip to Deal with Email Overwhelm


Today I’m going to share my number one, all time, absolute favourite top tip for dealing with Email Overwhelm.

You know what I mean – your inbox is overflowing like the proverbial toilet, you have no control over your emails and it’s chockablock full of unnecessary newsletters and other bits that you really don’t need, which distract from you receiving the IMPORTANT emails.

So what is this top tip you may ask?

It’s simple – have a couple of email accounts!

The first one is what I call the “unimportant” email address – it one that is dedicated to newsletters/general updates/shop updates/loyalty programs and all those other generic non-specific or spammy emails that businesses like to send you.

That email account is basically a set and forget one – you don’t need to spend time filtering out the unnecessary items that are all basically promoting someone’s business.

Then you have what I like to call the “important” email address – this is the one you give to important people or about important things – this is purely a transactional email address, and one that you use for ANYTHING that is important in your life.

So that’s pretty simple hey – but it’s amazing the number of people who I come across who don’t know about this tip, and are drowning in a sea of unimportant emails and missing out on the important ones.

If you would like a hand sorting out and setting up some basic systems for the emails in your business – simply drop me an email to! I would love to be able to help you!

And do you have any great tips for managing your email? Drop me a comment I’d love to hear all about it!

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