Organise Your Week

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Hands up if the working week tends to have you in a fluster!

I find there are a couple of simple organising steps that can be done of a Sunday evening, to help take out some of the stress for kicking back into a working week.


Take a bit of time before you hit the hay on a Sunday night, to do a check of your calendar to see what you have coming up for the week. This really can help you get a leap on making sure you are on top of any appointments, meetings, deadlines or other tasks you might have scheduled.


If you don’t wear a uniform to work, do you do a loose plot out of what gear you are wearing for the week? This is another great Sunday prep item, so you aren’t caught scrambling with the “what the hell am I going to wear” dilemma in the morning before heading to work. If you roughly plan out which items you’ll be wearing on a Sunday, you can make sure these are washed and ironed and ready to go, removing a common stress point.


The final thing I frequently do when I know I have a crazy work (or family) week coming up, is to plan out meals for those days when I know it will be a struggle to come up with something on the fly. That way I can be prepped to hit the supermarket for the ingredients and have these ready to go on the night. And on those SUPER ridic weeks, I will even batch-cook on a Sunday so there are meals already on hand to dole out to the family.

So there you go, three of my top tips to help you get organised for the week ahead!

Do you have any other weekly planning tips you do to keep yourself organised? I would love to read about them – drop me a comment!

Have a great week everyone!

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Organise Your Week

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